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Matt Baisch, the Chief Gardner, is making our city a greener place. To him, gardening is about working with nature, getting his hands dirty, and bringing instant joy to others through his work.
Our mission is to unlock your outdoor space’s green potential, whether it’s a yard, patio, rooftop or container garden, by providing unmatched service. More green is good.
Reach out to us via phone text or email.. We’ll quickly work together to set up a consultation for a custom quote. During our meeting, you'll tell us what your dream yard, garden, or other project looks like. Often, we’ll set up a shared Pinterest board and exchange inspiration photos. As experienced gardeners, you should expect our honest opinion for what will work in your space and growing conditions. Once a plan is devised, we will discuss your budget and how to maximize it. Next, we execute a contract and get right to work according to the plan.
Our objectives are:
  • To complete your project on-time.
  • To complete your project on-budget.
  • To put a smile on your face by making sure you're completely satisfied with our work.
Our Expertise


Allow us to alter your green space to fit your aesthetic and lifestyle. Whether a complete overhaul or minor editing, we’ll do all the design, removal, and installation work to fit your needs and budget.
We’ll install the perfect hardscape compliment to your new green space. Services include new flower beds, retaining walls, walkways, patios and more.
Let us handle keeping your green space in top shape. Weeding, trimming, pruning, power washing, soil maintenance and seasonal color changeouts are just some of our maintenance options.
Don’t forget the inside of your home. We specialize in creating visual interest and adding budget friendly impact by strategically incorporating unique trees, succulents and plants in your interior design.

Custom Request

Every space is different, let us help you with your specific needs and answer any questions.

Organic Gardening

The Urban Gardener seeks to be a partner for our environment in all ways, we can make sure your project is completed using 100% organic techniques at your request.

Maintenance Plans

Monthly/Quarterly/Seasonal Plans tailored for your space

Top quality services executed by our devoted, yet creative team. Nothing less than creative.

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We're Creative

We work closely with our clients to come up with imaginative ways to deliver a one-of-a-kind solution.

We're Hands-on

We stay focused on every project from start to finish.

We're Reasonable

We aren't your bargain basement landscaper. However, we keep our prices fair and work efficiently.


Projects Completed

We've had the pleasure to work on a wide variety of projects for different clients around Dallas


Repeat Clients

Our team of gardening specialists take pride in their work and aim to please our clients time-after-time.



You are our only priority. And we want to make sure you are completely satisfied, every time.



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